The first Internet of Things school arrives in Spain

The mobile connected to the television, the television connected to the laptop, the laptop to the fridge, the fridge to the tablet and the tablet to the vacuum cleaner. With a simple device you can control the whole house and make it smart.

This connection is the famous Internet of Things (IoT). A new way of connecting the world that little by little is opening a gap in the international market until reaching a growth rate of 32% in 2021, according to a report by Technavio, a research company specialized in technology.

“A tsunami that, if you don’t surf it, will pass you by,” says Manuel Muñiz-Morell, CEO of Mioti, the first school dedicated to studying the IoT. Investment in Spain in the Internet of Things will reach almost 23,000 million euros in 2020, which is 70% more than the 13,500 million euros they will represent in 2017, according to the technological consultancy IDC.

Spanish companies argue that the main points in favor of adopting IoT technologies are process automation (26%), reduce operational costs (24%) and improve the customer experience (23%).

“In Spain the IoT is very slow because until now there was no talent ready to exploit it”

However, many organizations acknowledge that they encounter difficulties in addressing these types of initiatives, such as initial costs (29%), security concerns (25%), and privacy concerns (17%).

“In Spain, the Internet of Things is very slow, because there is no talent prepared to exploit it,” says Muñiz. This is why the first school dedicated exclusively to IoT was born, based in Madrid: “There is no one like it in the world”, he highlights.

The institute has a teaching staff made up of selected professionals from leading IoT companies. “We are born with the vocation to learn something new in a new way. The knowledge cycle is getting shorter and shorter”, explains the CEO of Mioti. Its academic council is made up of renowned members of the international and educational community.

A school of the future

Among them are the names of Blanca Gómez, Microsoft’s director of talent; Adam Seldow, head of education at Facebook; Alicia Asín, CEO of Libelium; o Court Chilton from MIT. “What is going to be done in Mioti are real cases from day to day and we are going to do it with leading companies”, explains Muñiz.

Leading technology companies that will look for talent in the more than 5,000 square meters of Mioti facilities in Madrid. TheCube will be the home of this pioneering institute and will have “state-of-the-art facilities where the latest technological advances in connected devices, artificial intelligence and IoT communications are available to students and corporations.”

“If you teach about the future, the building should be a true reflection of what you are teaching,” explains the CEO. Within its walls, the future school has five laboratories dedicated to learning the latest technologies in “smart cities”, “smart home”, autonomous cars, the IoT industry and “smart health”.

With the return to school already in the backpacks, Mioti opens its doors in facilities of more than 5,000 square meters on the outskirts of Madrid. The first floor of TheCube is for this new university. “It is a double challenge because it is an infrastructure without rolling and created ad hoc for these studies.”

Mioti has already started its machines and its experts occupy their offices in these state-of-the-art facilities. The first academic steps will be centered on several three-month modules “aimed at professionals who seek the skills and abilities necessary to develop a lasting impact on the new IoT ecosystem,” they explain.

Courses for 3,500 euros

Data Science, IoT Ecosystem and The Things are the first courses that students will receive in exchange for 3,500 euros. To end in 2018 with the nine-month IoT Master with a price of 9,500 euros. While the doors were opening, Mioti experts have given corporate seminars focused on this field of technology, specific education because “people in different strata of the company must be made aware. Everyone must be aware of the potential of the IOT to allocate resources, “says Muñiz, CEO of Mioti.

A company-focused vision to “renew yourself and not lose the IoT tsunami,” he explains. Although, the profile of the new students is “quite young and very diverse”. “We have recent graduates in technical studies and also business students who want to train in technology,” says Muñiz. But above all, most new students have a maxim: “Want to learn something new and join the IoT tsunami,” says the CEO of the first IoT school in Spain.

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