Sony seeks to improve its mobile sales with the new XZ3

The mobile segment is causing more than a headache at Sony’s headquarters. The days of wine and roses with the Sony Ericsson brand are past and the latest sales are meager, only two million smartphones sold in the last three months.

This is how Sony is presented this summer at the IFA in Berlin and taking advantage of the absence of large bets in the mobile market, the Japanese brand has launched its bet for Christmas the Xperia XZ3.

Half a year after betting on the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact at the Mobile World Congress and weeks later the Premium bet on the XZ2 with 4K screen. Berlin serves as a springboard for the successor to this device, which has had no impact on the company’s sales.

Sony with a good position in the screen market has decided to bet on them in the smartphone segment. The new XZ3 transfers the “Bravia experience” from your TVs to the OLED screen of the mobile to «get an immersive experience», the brand managers explain to Innova +.

Screen that grows up to 6 inches and for the first time in QHD +. Sony leaves the FullHD behind in the Xperia Z series to fully enjoy videos and movies with the “Bravia experience” on Netflix, a pre-installed app, and with YouTube HD also standard. The new Sony screen goes from 2,160 x 1,080 to an “11% larger than the XZ2 and an 80% ratio”, they point out.

Following the market trends, the new Xperia embraces the frameless screen and also the concept of infinity with curved edges implanted by the Samsung Edge family.

Few changes

The arrival of the XZ3 does not mean a revolution in the Sony lab. The screen grows and the size also grows, but it does not suppose a 180º turn in the line marked by the predecessors of the new Xperia.

From the 153x72x11.1 mm of the old XZ2 it goes to 183x73x9.9 mm. More size, thinner and also lighter. Sony has managed to scratch a few grams to the weight until leaving it at 193 grams of the previous 198.

There are no changes in the camera either and ending the rumors and leaks, Sony does not fold to the double camera and its bet focuses on artificial intelligence to improve photographs.

The Japanese brand maintains a rear lens with similar characteristics to that of the XZ2 with 19MP Motion Eye, 4K HDR video recording and a super slow motion camera at 960 frames per second in Full HD. The improvement is inside, since the algorithm that works behind the scenes recognizes up to 52 scenes when focusing with the Japanese camera and thus automatically adjusts the parameters of the device to obtain the best possible image.

The new smartphone improves the screen. / J. A. G.

For its part, the front camera returns to 13 megapixels and with the 3D creator system in both cameras to share and animate the three-dimensional images that this tool generates.

The battery remains without many changes reaches the 3,330 mAh with wireless charging. In addition to minijack lovers, Sony has also eaten the small audio connector and moved it to USB Type C, although an adapter for the famous connector is included in the sales pack.

Smart menu

As the years go by, smartphones grow. Giant screens bigger and bigger than the hands that hold it, which makes using it a complicated task if you don’t want to end it on the ground.

The smart menu is activated with two taps. / J. A. G.

This is what Sony engineers have thought, adding a smart menu that activates with two taps on the side of the screen. With this simple gesture, the heart of the XZ3 reacts by displaying a side menu with the applications most used by the user and adapts to the time of day when its activation is requested.

Perhaps this is the great change of the XZ3 along with its most important asset, since it arrives on the market with the latest Android operating system, the 9 Pie. The Sony device will be one of the first to equip this version that will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 model with 4GB RAM and memory that can go up to 512 GB.

It will arrive in Spain in October. / J. A. G.

To Spain will arrive in early October in three colors: black, white and green. The price, at the moment, is unknown.

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