Samsung launches two new Note 10

True to its summer date, Samsung introduces its latest member of the galaxy note family, although this time it is necessary to use the plural. The South Korean company puts on the market two versions of the new Galaxy Note 10, the plus version and one in “smaller” size, the Note 10. Nor should we lose sight of the 5G model which will only arrive in a plus version and to those markets where this technology is already working.

Without major design revolutions, heavy artillery is left for the Galaxy S, Samsung’s new devices follow the line of the S10. The South Korean takes muscle with her screens division and brings to its new phones two Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O, the famous leaky screens the notch have retired, I already demodified this 2019. However, this time the small hollow, which houses the front camera, moves to the upper center “looking for the symmetrical appearance”.

In detail

Two versions

Samsung moves the plus version of the Galaxy S with a 6.8-inch Note 10, the largest to date in the South Korean phable family, and a normal 6.4-inch version.


The Note 10+ comes with a 4,300 mAh battery and the normal 3,500 mAh version and both with ultra fast connection.

Goodbye to the minijack

The South Korean has put her devices on a diet and to make them slimmer, the headphone jack disappears.

The plus version has the largest QHD + screen seen so far in the Note family: 6.8 inch and “with the highest screen ratio 90%”. The plus version increases its resolution to 2K, while the Dynamic AMOLED panel of the normal Note 10 stays at 6.3 ».

Under this new facade, Samsung is once again betting on the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the screen, but higher than in its Galaxy S brothers and without increasing the activation zone, according to what this newspaper has learned.

The design does not vary much, although there are new touches. New devices forget about the horizontal arrangement of the lenses moving to a vertical line of three cameras in the normal version and four in the premium version.

The two devices share one 16MP F2.2 wide angle lens, 12MP wide angle F1.5 / F2.4 and finally a 12MP F2.1 telephoto lens. The difference is in the addition of the famous TOF camera for the Note 10+, which accurately measures the distance at which an object is located and thus better combine depth of field and background blur so fashionable in images. On Instagram.

That improvement also translates to video with automatic blurring of moving images with live focus video, “on the front and rear cameras.” But perhaps the Note 10 changes the way you use the device with one hand and is one of the great revolutions that go unnoticed.

Samsung has “loaded” the buttons on the right edge of the phone and moves everything to the left side. What will the lefties think of this change? Checking the refined and rounded edges, User may miss 3.5mm minijack connector.

Samsung has followed the line taken by its competitors in the high-end models and puts its devices on a diet and to make them thinner, that passes by ending the famous headphone jack.

Everything is focused on the USB type C connector to listen and in turn charge the 3,500 mAh and 4,300 mAh batteries of each of the versions. Both with ultra fast charging and also wireless. “The Note 10 charges faster wirelessly than the wired Note 9,” say Samsung officials.

The normal Note comes with wireless charging capacity at 12W, while the Plus has 20W and up to 45W using, yes, cable, but it is not included in the sales pack.

Both devices mount the new Exynos 9825, at least on the Old Continent. In the United States, the friendly relationship with Qualcomm will equip them with the latest Snapdragon 855.

And they share 256 and 512 GB storage, although the Plus can be expanded up to 1TB thanks to its MicroSD slot. The simple version of the new Note has 8GB of RAM, while the top of the range reaches 12GB.

«Gossip» microphone

Samsung has opted for the incorporation of 3 microphones on your devices, one at the top, one at the bottom and one more hidden among the camera lenses. Samsung’s R&D department has taken advantage of the small rear overhang to create a hole that shelters the third microphone of the Galaxy Note 10.

This small new functionality will delight the most curious, as it works by activating the new zoom in mic. Samsung has opted to zoom the audio in the videos, since by enlarging the image in the recording and the small microphone it activates and captures the sound, for example, of a distant conversation.

S-Pen, more functional

Who also improves in this new release is the S-Pen, the traditional pencil of the Galaxy Note family. Samsung adds the actions with bluetooth thanks to the new 6-axis sensor that equips to interact with various applications.

With a little prior user training, the S-Pen can change cameras with a simple flick of the wrist or, for example, increase and decrease the volume on YouTube or advance the video. In addition, the S-Pen is “open to developers to be usable for games in the future,” point to this newspaper responsible for Samsung.

The Note family is a Strong competitor for laptops and desktops. With “an easy conversion from handwriting to text,” Samsung is looking to become a portable office to move S-Pen notes to PDF, text, or image, all “with a simple touch.”

The new Note 10 arrive in Spain starting next August 23 In both versions, the Note 10+ 5G will arrive if Vodafone expects to include it in its catalog, since it is the only operator with the networks of this new technology deployed commercially.

The plus version is available in three colors: black, white and glow, a prominent and elegant gradient. For its part, the normal version changes white for pink.

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