Pangea, total immersion before traveling

The Spanish travel agency Pangea was born just over six months ago and is already revolutionizing the leisure tourism sector. A disruptive and innovative concept designed so that everyone who wants to travel finds their ideal destination and everything necessary to do so.

100% personalized attention and the lowest prices on the market are the two most attractive factors that Pangea offers its clients and that differentiate it from traditional travel agencies. They have more than 30 expert advisers who help clients in a completely personalized way to plan the trip that best suits their needs.

All these advisers are specialized in the destinations they sell, are native, have lived there or have deep local knowledge. They are, for example, people who have traveled around the world and who know the best of each country or employees in love with a specific region capable of planning dream routes for the maximum enjoyment of the traveler.

“Here the guy who sells you a trip to Argentina is called Sebastián, he is Argentine and he has spent ten years of his life with a backpack touring the country,” says David Hernández, CEO of the company. They are experts in flying, walking, discovering, testing and sharing. Experts in traveling, his true passion.

“Pangea arises mixing my enthusiasm for traveling and the admiration I have for great companies such as Ikea, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Zara and Mercadona, which in the last 30 years have transformed the way we buy. The large surface area that offers you a Spectacular product range with cheap prices, that pretends to be Pangea “, says the person in charge.

The world’s largest travel agency

The first Pangea store opened in October 2015. Located on Calle Príncipe de Vergara in Madrid, in the old Cid Campeador cinema near the Retiro Park. At the moment, Pangea has only one physical store, although it is the largest travel establishment in the world with a total of 1,500 square meters of design and is equipped with the latest technology for its 360º travel service.

It is, therefore, a fully interactive establishment, with dozens of touch screens to select the trip, as well as payment kiosks that revolutionize the way of buying leisure and travel plans.

The place also has a cafeteria and two auditoriums for holding events. The company has an intense cultural agenda and permanent programming of totally free activities and events.

In the store you can buy all kinds of accessories: travel guides, suitcases, GoPro cameras and merchandise from the Pangea brand. The next store will open in 2017 in Barcelona. David Hernández’s idea is to expand in Spain and Europe in the medium term.

The agency proposes more than 1,000 trips in 194 countries, segmented by type of plan and traveler, with the minimum price guaranteed. “We offer the lowest price on the market. If the client finds one that is lower, we will match it. In addition, we include Pangea service, with 24-hour service seven days a week, expert advice and the shopping experience” . How is it achieved? “Just as Ikea, Zara and Decathlon do, each in its own sector,” says Hernández.

Booking and competition

Pangea does not work with catalogs, but rather shows the client real photos taken by the consultants in the destination they are looking for. They do not intend to compete with Booking, nor with eDreams, nor with Atrápalo, nor with any other. They not only sell hotel rooms, but differentiated experiences that, in many cases, are very difficult to find.

“If you want a hotel night in Paris, go to Booking, do not come to Pangea. If you want a romantic weekend in Paris or some different experience, come to Pangea. Here we have a person who has lived in Paris and will tell you which one It is the best guided tour of the city and what is the best “boulangerie” for breakfast “.

Virtual reality

It is an omnichannel store. Their services can also be contracted through the website, by mobile, tablet and computer, available to the client at all times. They are also working on including virtual reality (VR). Before hiring a cruise, the client can be in the cabin and tour the ship with VR glasses.

At Pangea customer care is maximum, and they include 24/7 service to assist the traveler. “Alfonso, a client of ours, on January 1 at 8 in the morning. When they went to Oman they broke his passport at customs, when they returned with a broken visa they did not let him out, but Pangea solved the problem and helped him with the subject of the passport. It is a true case. Since then he says that we are his guardian angel. He tries with another agency to see what happens, “says Hernández.

The key to Pangea’s success is that people fall in love with it, word of mouth. In its eight months of life, it has invoiced 5 million euros. Only in the month of April did 1 million enter thanks to the increase in the frequency of purchase used by stores such as Zara and Ikea.

In addition, this agency is not only to contract trips of 3,000 euros, but also for plans of 20 and escapes of 150. That makes many people repeat and go to the store in Madrid or search the web several times a month?

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