Apple presents its new iPhone Xs, a commitment to intelligence

With Swiss punctuality, Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared at the Steve Jobs Theater. A day where the spotlights are focused on the Cupertino giant that presents the world with its bets for this Christmas.

Apple brings the “most advanced iPhones” to the market, according to Cook. Two devices that follow the line marked with the tenth anniversary of the company’s flagship smartphone. Xs (pronounced ten that) and Xs Max (ten that max) are the new tenants of the Apple Store, “Which are visited by 500 million people”, according to Apple.

A continuity design with the iPhone X, but whose screen grows to 6.5 inches on the Xs Max, the largest on an iPhone, while the Xs maintains the size of the iPhone X (5.8 “).

Xs Max and Xs screens. / Manzana

The panel OLED It maintains the trend created last September 2017 in which Apple returns to present the notch or eyebrow that shelters the front camera, the upper speaker and the entire facial recognition system.

Both devices, like their predecessor, are IP 68 certified, the seal of resistance to dust and water. No changes in design and no changes in biometrics, which once again go for Face ID instead of the mythical fingerprint reader of the Cupertino giant.

Along with them comes the “poor” brother of the new family. Poor in terms of benefits, because they are lowered compared to the new Xs, but it has nothing to envy. The Xr (ten erre) comes with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, “bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus”, explains Apple and specifications quite similar to its brothers.

New brain

Inside, however, the three new iPhones equip the same brain the A12 Bionic And this one does seem like the great future bet of the Cupertino giant.

A chip “built for the first time with a 7-nanometer architecture” for what appears to be the first step in bringing this brain to the expected virtual reality and augmented reality glasses.

The new A12 Bionic is capable of doing 5,000 billion operations at the same time and it does so thanks to the 6.9 billion transistors it incorporates. “The first chip designed specifically for an iPhone,” says the Cupertino giant. A direct hit to Intel and perhaps also to Samsung.

This brain also moves to the camera and is the one who gives it “intelligent” life. The hardware of the new iPhones in terms of camera does not change with respect to its predecessor.

The Xs series continues the trend of the dual camera and brings your letters to the benefits of your A12 Bionic. Both have 12 megapixel cameras. For its part, the Xr mounts only one lens, but it is also equipped with the latest Cupertine chip to push to the extreme the “new era of photography,” says the US firm.

Camera specifications. / Reuters

The new neural network of the A12 goes one step further in the world of photography and, especially, in the portrait mode implemented months ago by Apple.

Its quality, replicated by many firms, is capable of playing with the depth of field once the photo has been taken, all thanks to the intelligence of Apple’s new brains.

The Xs series arrives in three 64, 256 and 512 GB models memory and in three colors: gold, gray and silver. Furthermore, Apple adopts the famous Dual SIM. (eSIM and normal SIM).

The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max will arrive next vFriday September 21 to Spain. These are the sales prices in Spain:

iPhone Xs: 1,159 euros (64GB version), 1,329 euros (256GB version) and 1,559 euros (512GB version)

iPhone Xs Max: 1,259 euros (64GB version), 1,429 euros (256GB version) and 1,659 euros (512GB version)

A few weeks later the Xr will arrive, will not be available until next October 26 (reservations from October 19), and will have a price that will be 859 euros for the model with 64 GB of capacity.

In the case of the 128 GB it will go up to 919 euros, while the models with 256 GB of capacity will cost 1,029 euros.

New Apple Watch

Although iPhones have been the star at Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater (United States), the opening has been for Apple’s new smart watch, the Apple Watch Series 4, “the smart guardian of health”, as they have christened it in Cupertino.

The new models of the Apple Watch. / Manzana

New screen, new size. “We have redesigned almost everything,” says the company. In 2014, the Apple watch came with 38mm and 42mm, now grows to 40 mm and 44 mm respectively. Of course, it maintains its characteristic square design.

The Apple Watch Series 4 bets on digital spheres and above all on monitoring health, they already repeated in the presentation: «The intelligent guardian of health».

The new watch is capable of detecting falls, slips and blows, and also differentiate between these three types of small accidents. Upon detecting a fall, it displays an alert, and if it does not respond, the device automatically calls emergencies or the user-designated contact.

Although, perhaps, the great novelty in the new watch is the detection of low pulses and irregular rhythms. A check that the Cupertino smart watch will do through an electrocardiogram. Although it will be available later and only in the United States.

He will be connected to your doctor. / Manzana

The new Apple Watch 4 will arrive in Spain on September 21, and can be reserved from September 14. The edition with GPS will go on sale starting at 429 euros for the 40mm version and 459 euros for the 44mm version.

The LTE version will land with the help of Orange and Vodafone and its price will be 529 euros.

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