Tech Woom is a web blog publishing articles specialized in technology and innovation, in its industry, its main trends and everything that surrounds these areas. It has never wanted to be “one of so many” technology sites that proliferate in English. Its approach, in fact, is unique and multidisciplinary.

Consumer and business technology, Internet and social media, marketing and the digital and collaborative economy, entrepreneurship and cyberculture are the main topics addressed by the website, always with a special varnish aimed at providing your audience with the weapons to understand a society, today, increasingly changing and exciting thanks to the push of information technologies.

Perhaps we are not, for example, the best at analyzing the ‘guts’ of a product, or those who do it more regularly. But we are bringing – at least we are trying to – light to the supersaturated world of technological information and, above all, we want to go one step ahead: regardless of which processor integrates a specific device or the gigs of a new online storage service, we are interested in telling what does this product or service mean for society, how does it innovate and why will it work or not in the market? In short, we want to humanize technology and interpret it in a social key.

Tech Woom audience is made up of early adopters, amateurs or those interested in the technological world and innovation, professionals from the ICT sector and others especially impacted by the rise of these, such as those from the marketing world, enthusiasts of social networks, bloggers and other agents of the digital economy and entrepreneurship, technologists, internet lovers and, in general, anyone eager to understand the increasingly digital world in which we are immersed.

Our daily analysis helps to understand and dimension the opportunities of the latest technological developments and services to CIOs, Marketing, Technology, and Entrepreneurs.

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