“If you are not on the Internet, then you do not exist”

Bill Gates

The old man Bill knew what he was talking about. Even in the years of the birth of the Internet, he foresaw that beyond this resource the future of not only science and information, but also marketing and advertising. So it happened. Today, the world network is a library, a stage, a market, an elite boutique, a rally, a theater, a fitting room, a meeting place and fierce discussions, a supermarket, a nightclub, a personal diary, a school or university, a job, a vocation, a discovery site, a research center, a circus . The list goes on and on.

This is the nature of the Internet – you are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. And if you discard the magic, it is this that has generated the phenomenal popularity of personal branding in the network. If there are still skeptics claiming that the Internet is darkness and nothing good can be built there, I suggest watching the rating of Medvedev’s Twitter or the number of views of the video on YouTube, where Adel sings karaoke in the car. Are there any doubts?

Promotion of a personal brand in social networks is a mandatory point of marketing strategy. Ignore an audience that is available in social networks – means to sign a verdict for yourself and your business. So start small: create a website, run a personal blog and brand thematic page on social networks and build a personal brand that will be recognized and trusted. And I, in turn, will share practical advice.

Competently choose sites for promotion

By default you should have a website. It can be a functioning online store or a purely image element that attracts attention and inspires confidence in the brand. Next – social networks. Required are Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram (if visual content is important), YouTube, Periscope. Depending on the audience and business goals – Livejournal, Classmates, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr. Be sure to create an account in Google and other venues (Yahoo, Yandex) as needed.

Why is it important to attend different Internet resources? The audience of each social network is your potential customers. And often they are completely different people. Ask your mother where she most often sits. And the chief? A 15-year-old brother? Do you understand what I mean? In 2016 VKontakte became the best Russian network for the sale of goods and services via the Internet. And other social networks actively picked up this trend.

Positioning according to interests

Our agency has a community in Vkontakte, which unites people who are not indifferent to this topic. On the pages of the blog, we analyze the most interesting cases, talk about the publication of our clients, share news, analyze the personal brands of celebrities. This platform is already loyal people. Any community is a close contact with the audience. If there are several such communities on different resources, use automatic updates that allow you to publish news on several social networks. For example, Boofer or Hootsuite.

Legal methods of promotion

To search for the target audience, you can use all the known Cerebro, which has established itself as a useful resource for targeting. Also actively use cross-promo in close-minded groups, you can, of course, buy seats on the walls in millionth (Lifhak, Sience, Just Video and others), but this does not always give the desired effect, especially if you do not think about the post being published. Since the news out there at the speed of light, it is very important not to get lost and for the allotted minutes, until the next post comes out, to earn reposts and new subscribers. Contests, give away and the similar freebie has outlived itself for a long time. It is better to offer free content (a training entry, a book) for email and group membership.

Associated goods: video courses, trainings, books

A very important tool for working with an audience on social networks is a personal product that you will give or sell on the pages of your blog or community. At us in agency there is a daily journal – “How to become the God for 90 days”. A simple, convenient and useful thing. Write a book if you have something to say. Or create a course of lectures. It must be something tangible, tangible, useful for the audience. If a thing enters the trend, your name will be guaranteed. It is also useful to make raffles of branded gifts in honor of the holidays.

Viruses and Trends

Here you will talk about the quality of your content and special chips. Well, first, catch info-guides and use the top news for publications. Remember that you and your business are also an information guide. Use video blogs, especially now the popular news from behind the sea-ocean. The creators of the RD2 regularly release their releases, sitting in an armchair against the backdrop of a jungle or an endless ocean. In the trend today, travelers of all stripes, and the more original the country, the better. Bloggers actively use Vainas – short sketches on current and most often funny topics. For example – blogs by Irina Gorbacheva and Nastya Ivleeva.

Advertisement of the brand

In addition to quality management of social networks and any Internet sites, you will need professional promotion of your accounts. Doing this is to speed up the reaction of the audience. Do not respond to the promises of winding up a million subscribers and zafrend thousands of people. Grief-SMM-cheeks screw, in this they have no equal, but the sense of these dead souls is not enough. Use targeted advertising, sow news and cases in friendly communities, pay for publications in the media, and use white frending, that is, add to friends already loyal people. For example, those who consulted for services, asked a question, downloaded a book or a free video tutorial. This audience is really interested in you and your product. Collect email addresses for marketing mailings.

Clear planning

A personal brand in social networks is not just the management of a personal page from time to time. This is a great preparatory work. First of all, the creation of a content plan with clear deadlines and types of publications. In all social networks, you can now set timers, that is, pre-prepare posts and upload them for the day you want. Spend a few hours – do not post a week. Remember that you need to write down your thoughts while it’s hot. No time, use a dictaphone. It is very important that your blog posts are filled with emotions and personal attitude, this should not be a response. The reader immediately feels it and the activity is greatly reduced. Use SMM, conduct weekly analysis of attendance of resources and response from the audience.

If you are building a personal brand on the Internet, do not turn your pages into social networks into a museum named after yourself with beautiful pictures and sharpened texts. Be yourself, with all the positive and negative qualities. Then in your online life there will be emotions and interest from the audience.


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