Google constantly conducts various tests with its delivery (and not only). Hence, her redesign is born, and the disappearance of photo authors from the results.

Google recently tested the colors of stars in the product ranking. I think it was about e-commerce sites, but not the authors’ articles.

By the way, it turns out that Google not only tests its changes programmatically, but also arranges polls. Here’s what I once found:


I was extremely surprised that the user’s opinion is being asked, I did not notice such a thing before Google. Of course, the survey did not relate to appearance, but rather to relevance, but still.

Now let’s return to our asterisks. Here’s what you can see in the issue now, namely orange stars:


And then about what colors were tested.

The blue stars


It seems to me that they merge too much with the title, and this becomes less noticeable.

Gray asterisks


Gray is the color of inactivity, it usually denotes what can not be selected or what is not. Therefore, the color for the rating is a bad choice, because it seems that there are no comments at all.

The Green Sprockets


But the green rating merges with the address of the pages or with bread crumbs. Also not the most advantageous option.

The red stars


On the screen they are not quite red, but still. Red color is the color of danger, mistakes, therefore stars of such color of confidence do not inspire.

Yellow asterisks


But I like this color, it looks quite good. True, I do not see much difference with the current orange. It’s like changing an awl to soap.

What other colors?

You can dream up on this topic and offer lilac or purple, and for women’s products – pink ":

Just imagine the color of the rating varies depending on the product category, and the search results turn into coloring pages …

So my opinion: in this respect, nothing needs to be changed, the orange color looks harmonious and does not merge with anything. Of course, if you need to pay attention to paid search results, you can also “drown out” the color of the rating free. But what’s interesting is: if the color of asterisks changes in free search results, will it be changed in paid ones? If the rating of free results will be, say, blue, and paid – yellow or orange, as now – that’s a sad picture.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to subscribe to the updates! It will soon be about how to add bread crumbs to the snippets!

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