6 creative Ideas for Advertising-Carousel in Social Networks

If one photo replaces thousands of words, then the advertising-carousel can replace 10 times more. According to Kinetic Social, advertisers who use the carousel format celebrate a 10 times higher click through rate than when working with other formats on Facebook and Instagram.

Carousel advertising allows you to use up to 10 photos and videos in …Read More

Technologies of Promotion in Social Networks: 5 examples of “right” content

Since the emergence of social platforms, the dynamics of their growth is rapidly accelerating and is moving along the path of increasing socialization. Undoubtedly, media platforms have become an integral part of everyday life, and it is quite obvious: the Internet space provides free access to information in which the user is involved in a …Read More

Classmates test online stores inside the social network

Users of “Classmates” will soon be able to purchase goods and services of shops and brands within the social network. The approbation of the format involves the companies Megogo, MediaMarkt, “Sportmaster”, Clarins, etc.

About ecommerce functionality
“Classmates” test online stores inside the social network. Administrators of groups created by sellers can add individual items to the online …Read More