I once met the phrase on the Internet: “Social networks have done more for business than all ministries and support programs put together.” I do not know who the author is, but he hit the mark.

There are more and more opportunities for business in social networks. What’s new has appeared in the last six months, read in the article.


Doubling the limit for photos and videos in Product Listing Ads

Facebook shows dynamically optimized ads to users with relevant interests. Previously, 5 photos or video materials could be attached to one announcement, the limit has recently doubled.

Testing groups for cooperation

In the corporate decision Workplace it is now possible to test groups for cooperation (Multi Company Groups). In addition, the Workplace has a company news feed, chat rooms, employee profiles.

Offline Conversion Tracking

The new functionality connects viewing of advertising in Facebook and offline actions of the user – for example, purchase in a retail store. To configure, you need files with data about offline events, an advertising account and registration in “Business Manager” (Facebook Business Manager).

Extension of the functional slideshow

Now you can add lyrics and your own music in a slide show, create clips on mobile gadgets with Android OS, and target video ads to an audience with 2G-internet.

Increase the speed of site load when switching from advertising

Facebook will preload your mobile site if download speed is low. The result is a decrease in the failure rate.

Expanding the scope of geographical targeting

With the help of the tool “Similar Audiences” advertisers can now get customers in other countries of the world.

Running dynamic advertising for retailers

In Facebook, there was an advertisement that shows the available products in the closest to the user store. Also, the social network launched the site Marketplace . It shows users ads for buying and selling goods located nearby.


A new audience for targeting – “Visitors to the page”

Customize a single audience from users who visited the company page or somehow interacted with her posts. A handy tool for bringing people back to the page or making them a personal offer.

Dynamic Product Listing Ads Targeting Improved

In early 2017, Facebook updated dynamic product ads and ran testing on a small sample of advertisers. Previously, dynamic advertising was shown only to those who clicked the product on the advertiser’s site. Now your ad will also be seen by people who viewed such a product on other sites or in applications.


Showing statistics for business profiles

In addition to business accounts and the “Contact” button, which was previously launched, statistics were added – the number of impressions, the involvement and coverage of each post, information on age, gender and the location of subscribers.

Trading tags (shopping tags)

Sellers can mark products on their photos, and potential customers – buy them directly from the application. Click on the image next to the product – the price appears. When clicking on the mark, the user goes to the product page on the advertiser’s site. So far, this only works in the US.

Launch of the vertical format for advertising

The boundaries of creativity have widened when creating an advertising post. Now you can make ads with a vertical picture format 4: 5.

Advertising in the section “History”

In January 2017 there was an advertisement in the section “Histories”. The first to try a new tool is a large company, including Nike and McDonalds. In Russia, the test group was hit by the Lays chip maker. In March, a new chip was opened for all comers.


Widget for communication with users for external sites

The social network offered its online consultant for sites. A visitor can ask a question with the help of a familiar tool, and a business can answer a client, even if he leaves the site. The message will not be lost – the user will receive it in his personal account in VKontakte.

To set up an online consultant, enable the “Messages” function in your group and install the widget on the site.

Hidden advertising notes in communities

The promotion record can now be addressed to selected user groups. Please refer to the right audience with a personalized message – the ad will not be sent to all your subscribers in the stream.

Hyperlocal advertising and similar audiences (look-alike)

On the basis of hidden records, the social network launched two more business opportunities. With the help of hyperlocal targeting, you can show ads to a user who regularly visits a particular place or is there right now.

An algorithm for similar audiences appeared, similar to what Facebook introduced a few years ago.

Non-cash payment to users and groups directly on the social network

Since autumn 2016 on VKontakte you can transfer money from the card in private messages.

On March 20, 2017, the function of transferring money to communities appeared. Payment is made through a message to the group.

Then we follow the same pattern as with personal payment.

Community Application Platform

Community owners can install applications for business – purchase of goods, recording at a reception, booking a table, etc. If you did not find the right application, make your own – documentation for developers published.

Placement of vacancies

Now it’s convenient to look for employees in VKontakte. Through the application “Jobs” business talks about open positions, and users of social networks respond to offers.

Call-to-action buttons in advertising records

Advertisers can add to the post button with an appeal to buy goods, join the group, go to the site, perform the desired action. Internal tests VKontakte showed that this button increases the effectiveness of the campaign in 3 times.

Substitution of dynamic parameters in URL

When you create an ad in the VKontakte advertising cabinet, add IDs ads and campaigns – they are automatically converted to UTM tags.

{ad_id} – Ad ID;

{campaign_id} – the ID of the advertising campaign;

{random} – random number for any additional tracking (only for links in the outposts).

Live broadcasts in communities

The function of live broadcasts sotsset set in 2015. Since September 2016 the company is developing a platform for video streaming to collect donations. In January of this year, access to the conduct of broadcasts received verified pages and communities.

Application “Newsletters”

This business application appeared on VKontakte in 2017. It allows subscribers to send content via group messages.

Application “Order status”

If you install this application your customers will be able to subscribe to the status of the order and learn about it through private messages. The application is integrated with Retail CRM, InSales and 1C-Bitrix.

The appendix “the Store of the goods”

The application complements the “Goods” service and allows you to create a full-fledged online store right in the social network. There is a basket, sorting of goods, cost calculation, including delivery, order form and CRM for order processing.

Reduced references with the statistics

VKontakte has been updated by vk.cc – a service for shortening links. Now it shows conversion statistics – number of views, geography, age and gender of visitors.

The history of shortened links is also displayed.

Through the API, you can automate shortening of links and get statistics directly from the user application:

Number of views of the post

March innovation : under each record there was a counter that shows the number of views. Tracking interest in the post has become more convenient.


Sale of goods through groups

A tool similar to VKontakte and Marketplace in Facebook, appeared in Odnoklassniki in the fall of 2016.

Money transfers to groups

Users of Odnoklassniki started to transfer money to each other six months earlier than fans of VKontakte. And in December 2016 in the OK appeared money transfers to the group – a special button is under the avatar of the community. To receive funds, the administrator must bind the card and pass SMS-verification.

Testing of audio advertising

Autumn of last year Classmates, like other sites Mail.Ru Group (VKontakte and “My World”), began to test audio advertising. The estimated cost is 350 rubles per thousand reproductions – this is comparable to advertising on the radio.

Own Advertising Exchange

The official advertising exchange is launched in an experimental mode. Advertisers can register, choose suitable communities and create advertising posts.

According to the company, there are about 10 unofficial exchanges that provide advertising of questionable quality and bear no responsibility. To counteract them, Classmates launched their own stock exchange. Only groups of 10,000+ participants are allowed in it.

Group messages

Service, familiar to us on the social network VKontakte, appeared in Odnoklassniki.

In the future Classmates threaten to open API for integration with CRM and external messaging systems.

Testing of the advertising tool “Carousel”

The Canvas advertising format for launching full-screen advertising publications was launched on Facebook in February 2016. A year later, this tool is beginning to be tested by Classmates. Advertising page can take up to 7 screens and is created right inside the social network on a special designer. The first experimental users were Android 4.4 – on their devices the tool is tested.

What new chips do you use? Share your experience in the comments!

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