The visibility of advertising is important for generating sales using online video, but its appeal is even more important. It is to this conclusion came Nielsen Catalina Solutions. The results of their study were presented on Tuesday at the annual Advertising Research Foundation.

It turned out that if online video advertising reaches the Media Rating Council standard (50% of the pixels are viewed for at least 2 seconds), then it provides a greater sales growth (index 82) than the video that does not hold up to the standard.

At the same time, a longer view, up to 16 seconds, is much more perceptible compared with sales growth.

The advertising that the Ace Metrix study participants rated as “attractive” provided the largest increase in sales – index 172, where 100 is the average for people viewing ads.

Surprisingly, the choice of a suitable audience for targeting and the number of impressions have virtually no effect on sales.

In total, the study analyzed 15 factors that could affect sales, attracted by online video advertising.

A strong influence of the attractiveness of advertising on sales growth raises the question of the paramount importance of the quality of content and the sympathy of the audience, rather than the placement in media and technology. After all, people who like advertising, watch it longer and buy more.


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