Markiplier Net worth : How Much Money Does Markiplier Earn/day ?

By | June 4, 2017

Markiplier Net Worth : Markiplier is an actor, comedian, and YouTube personality who has over 15 millions subscriber on his Youtube Channel. His full name is Mark Edward Fischbach who becaome popular with his Channel Markiplier and has been in Trending on Youtube from long time.

Markiplier started his Youtube channel in 2012 and is in the top 100 most subscribed youtube channel with more than 15 million subcriber which kept increasing day by day.

Markiplier Net worth

Not only his channel has more than 4 billion views but also millions of view for his Video games reviews because of having specialization in Let’s Play game-play commentary and Indie games.

Markiplier Net worth

As far as Markiplier net worth is concern, He has built net worth of 11 Millions from his Youtube channel and also considered as one of the highest earning personalities on YouTube. he has been making around $6million from his various social media content.

Markiplier Wiki

Full Name: Mark Edward Fischbach

Birth Date: June 28, 1989

Birth Place: Honolulu, O’ahu, Hawaii

Age: 27

Nationality: American

Race: Multiracial

Profession: Youtube personality, vlogger

Height: 5 ft 10 in

Weight: 79 kg

Marital Status: Single

Wikipedia Page: Here

Youtube: Channel

Twitter: Here

Instagram: Account


How Much Money Does Markiplier Earn On YouTube ?

As we know that Markiplier is a very popular Youtube channel with 15 millions subscriber growing by over 10,000 every day. His channel is getting millions of hits every day for his various videos that is monetized with Youtube Adsense making him daily revenue of thousands of dollars.

How Much Money Does Markiplier Earn On YouTube ?

Thus, He is making around $5 million from youtube only. He is getting huge popularity and getting more subscribers.

Markiplier net worth is just from Youtube and he is making also making more than that from other merchandise sales such as T-shirts.

He also get sponsors from companies such as Dirty Bomb, Best Fiends, Robot Entertainment and Guns Of Icaru etc on his videos that increase his revenue further.

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