The advertising budget is always necessary for the successful promotion of goods on the market, but what a pity it is to waste. In order to avoid such a scenario, you need to remember five effective methods that will help you to effectively spend money on Internet advertising.

1. Dynamic call tracking and listening to calls

The goal of tactics is a qualitative and truthful analysis of the effectiveness of customer requests for process optimization. Listening to calls will help develop recommendations for increasing the return on the paid channel (increasing sales). Learn more, Infographics: Neurometric study of mobile advertising

The methodology provides:

  • search for information on the most interesting proposals for the calling audience;
  • call conversion tracking;
  • study of sources of references for tracking landing pages.

After analysis it becomes clear:

  • how to correctly allocate the budget for contextual advertising:
  • how to spend money on restarting marketing to increase conversion;
  • how to correct the work of call center operators (increase the number or conduct additional training, dismiss inefficient employees).

2. Technology Look-alike

Is in the search for an audience similar to the Facebook page subscribers. The technology takes into account many factors:

– behavior on the network;

– level of income;

– interests;

is a demographic factor.

The method analyzes Internet users who perform the basic algorithm of actions on the advertiser’s site. Targeting Look-alike is available in the Yandex service for advertising campaigns. Advertising budget to properly manage business, advertising budget for proper flow of resources. You can also check, 3 basic things for Company Image in Modern Media Space
advertising budget

3. Tracking reputation on the websites of online stores, working with reviews

The rating of the online store largely depends on the feedback of customers who have used its services. On their basis, a positive image is formed for new customers. To encourage you to write your impressions about the service, use the e-mailing of reminders, thank you for contacting you and ask to evaluate your work – enter into a dialogue with the client.

4. Working with the data feed

A data feed pulls product information from a web store. It is important to set it up correctly, then your text advertising will be visible on the advertising boards even if the user filters out the filters when searching for the desired product. The feed should pull up the necessary data without errors in order to avoid locking the store by search engines. Learn more, how to update your content marketing strategies

5. Activity in social networks

Contextual advertising does not always give the desired increase in sales, especially it is seen in the sale of expensive goods through the Internet, such as, for example, elite cosmetics.

advertising budget

The active use of the Instagram social network can improve sales. Often the advice of popular bloggers, opinion leaders, who have tens or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers, can induce active purchases of such goods. If you decide to use this channel of communication, then choose to promote the product only authoritative accounts for posting posts with promotional codes for a discount and other beneficial offers. Activity in social networks significantly increases the conversion of traffic on the site.

Promote your product to the market with the help of modern advertising technologies, and we will help you with useful advice.


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