Today every brand wants to create content. After all, excellent publications can affect both sales and efficiency of corporate communications.

But on the way of creating these publications there are two huge problems: time and money . The cost of a full-time staff team of authors goes off scale, and attracting a whole pair of specialists to work with a variety of topics is risky and inefficient.

Many companies are not ready to open a new department responsible for content creation, because this is a rather difficult task. It’s easier to work with talented people around the world remotely.

That’s why most modern brands resort to the services of freelancers. Such a solution makes it possible to significantly save and simplify the task, because they can cooperate with the best talents working in a variety of subjects.

More often companies resort to freelancers for one of the following reasons:

  1. They want to expand production of content and attract talented authors to cooperation
  2. They plan to start working in a new subject, for which a highly specialized specialist is needed
  3. They have a unique project that requires rapid implementation

Experience Contently

In Contently a unique process for finding talents is organized: technologies that work under the strict guidance of a person. The brand team uses TalentMatch, an algorithm that filters and recommends candidates based on their experience, reputation and style. After this, the team evaluates the proposed candidates and teaches them how to work according to the canons of the brand. Here’s how it works.

The process of creating a freelance team

1. Strategic Planning

It all starts with planning the basics of future content and story formats. This is done by specialists responsible for developing strategies.

The strategy is then passed on to the editor-in-chief of the brand, which turns the intended directions into ideas of stories.

After that, the editor sends applications for the search for freelance authors.

2. Talent Search

Unique TalentMatch algorithm searches for the most suitable ones for the authors’ request based on their experience, reputation and style.

Each author is assigned an author who has previously received special training. This is necessary to ensure that all created content corresponds to the style of the brand.

3. Creation

The editor prepares sketches of stories that will help freelancers adhere to the necessary tone and perform a quality work.

After this, new authors begin to create their stories. The editor selects the best works and, together with the authors, completes the history.

The case is yours

Freelancers employ a variety of companies around the world. Do you also want to start?


Many talented writers, designers and developers work remotely. The Internet allows you to collaborate with professionals from anywhere in the world, while significantly saving the company’s budget.

But how to find suitable artists?

Of course, it’s not at all necessary to create complex algorithms for searching for freelancers.

You can start with the publication of your projects on major exchanges, for example,,,,, and others. The applicants interested in your proposal will respond to the project, and you will be able to choose the most suitable artist.

Finished texts on various topics can be found on such exchanges as,, and

When selecting a candidate, focus not only on the experience of the freelancer and feedback on his work, but also the ability to work in interesting subjects. Doubt? You can invite all applicants to perform a test task. So you will understand whose style suits you most.

Look for employees with whom it is comfortable to work, who will perform their duties qualitatively and comply with deadlines.

Do not be afraid to try something new. There is a future for freelancing, so boldly master this promising direction!

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