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Edelman Intelligence Company conducted a study in which it tried to find out what consumers want from brands that create and actively promote corporate pages in social networks. The results are presented in our article below. ALSO REFER21 Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2017

13,000 respondents from 13 countries participated in the surveys. The research was carried out on 18 of the world’s most famous brands. The purpose of the study was to establish a close relationship between consumers and their favorite brands. For three weeks, information was collected about the behavior, reactions of selected respondents (consumers) to the change in the policy of well-known brands. Tracking was conducted in all social networks. In addition, the participants held personal interviews.


According to the research methodology used, respondents were asked to rank brands randomly.

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The survey used seven aspects of brand-consumer relations:

  1. the brand makes the world a better place
  2. the brand is unique;
  3. the brand is recognizable, known;
  4. the brand is remembered, since it has its own history;
  5. the brand is open-minded, ready for communication and responds to requests;
  6. the brand inspires, shares values;
  7. the brand evokes trust in all aspects.  

Respondents rated each item on a five-point scale. The results summarized and derived the so-called BRI (Brand Relationship Index) – the Brands Interaction Index with Consumers in each product category.

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These are the recommendations that were given to world brands as a result (they are likely to help your company even if it does not work in the world market).

It is necessary to facilitate the transfer of consumers from the stage of “Involvement” to the “Adherence” state. This will lead to:

  • increased loyalty to the brand;
  • will increase customer demand;
  • will create a whole army of defenders of the brand;
  • will increase the return, facilitate the introduction of changes and innovations of the brand;
  • 86% of consumers will be much quicker to accept new items;
  • 87% are ready to pay more for the brand;
  • 88% are ready to protect him from attacks and criticism;
  • 87% will actively recommend the brand in social networks.

Now, what is the role of social network or networks in promotion of any product or service ?

social network

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It also follows from the study that brands need to focus on working with social network in order to facilitate the transition to the “Commitment” state, and for this to reconsider the approach to the formation of the marketing mix.

In the case of “Interested” and “Involved” consumers, the strategy of using paid channels justifies itself, designed to make the brand recognizable and pushes to buy.

At the stages of “Passion” and “Commitment”, the consumer himself becomes a kind of advertising and there is no need for paid channels. Blogs, social networks and media are becoming active partners of the brand.

The present trend is that social network or networks have had a huge impact in the lives of people. Social network exposure is a common trend now-a-days, & promotion of your product through social network has become a key.

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