Based on my experience, I have compiled a ranking of common errors in Google AdWords settings. Correcting them, you can improve the effectiveness of ongoing advertising campaigns.

Error 1: The analyst is not set up

Contextual advertising is an auction where every day you have to make a decision about setting a bet for buying traffic, which then is transformed into business profits.

To effectively optimize your AdWords advertising campaigns, you need to set up analytics that will allow you to see conversion data in your AdWords advertising account and optimize your ads based on them.

Very often advertisers forget:

  • Add auto-tagging and connect your AdWords account to your Google Analytics account. This allows you to first see in the Google Analytics reports information about the cost of advertising campaigns up to the cost of the keyword, calculate the return on investment in advertising and see the amount of investment in achieving a particular goal.
  • upload conversions from Google Analytics to AdWords and track in AdWords interface the number of conversions achieved for any entity and the amount of investment in this targeted action. This allows you to optimize your advertising account.

Error 2: The bet optimizer is disabled

Even if the advertiser has completed all of the steps in step 1, this does not mean that he included the AdWords cost-optimizer. This bidding strategy automatically adjusts the manually set bids, if the probability is high that the user will perform a useful action on the site. This tool allows you to significantly improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

With sufficient statistics, you also have the opportunity to use more advanced strategies that allow you to assign the final cost of the targeted action.

Error 3: The report on search phrases is not monitored

Although many AdWords experts are working hard at the semantic core, it’s impossible to provide all the search queries that the user can think of.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the report on search phrases, which allows, first, to supplement the library of negative keywords by prohibiting the display of ads for non-target phrases, and secondly, to add to the advertising campaigns search queries that lead to conversions, But were not previously added to the advertising campaigns.

Error 4: Extensions are ignored

In AdWords, advertisers have access to a large number of extensions (addresses, phone numbers, updates, links to applications, display URLs, etc.) that can improve advertising performance by increasing the clickthrough rate (CTR) of the ad and relevance to the user’s search query. Very often advertisers forget to use this functionality and lose customers.

Error 5: Advertisers working with RA do not have access to their account

We often encounter the fact that before the client came to us, the client did not have access to the advertising account. There are usually two reasons: either the client does not know that he has the right to request access, or the agency directly prescribes that it will not provide them.

The second in the root is not true. We believe that the advertiser must have access to the account in order to monitor the main campaign indicators: budget expenditure, cost per click, CTR, CPO, DDR, and globally, what changes the agency makes to the account.

Unfortunately, some market participants abuse the trust of advertisers, which leads to a significant rise in the cost of the targeted action.

Error 6: There are no automatic rules and strategies

Despite the fact that on the Internet you can find a lot of materials about the settings of strategies and rules for optimizing advertising campaigns in Google AdWords, they are used by units. However, it’s worth noting that this is one of the most effective tools that allows you to significantly increase the conversion.

To work with this functionality, you must connect Google Analytics and upload the conversions from it, or create and set up your own AdWords conversion code on the site.

Once you have enough statistics, you can launch a number of advertising strategies. For example, Target CPA allows you to automatically optimize your advertising campaigns for the CPA you need, ROAS will allow you to manage your return on investment by optimizing your revenue.

Start using this functionality, and you will realize how much this will increase the profitability of your investments.

Error 7: Exclusive Targeting is not used

Whenever we create advertising campaigns, first of all we think about what audience we are targeting. Sometimes we get carried away by this process and forget that even among a strictly described audience there may be those who are not interested in us. Therefore, always try to use exclusion targeting, because they help us save a significant part of our funds.

One example of such a situation may be targeting an adult audience. We asked the gender and age of users, their interests and geography. The number of times a video was shown to a user and included an ad campaign. Suppose that we are interested in people aged 25 to 35 years. The advertising campaign is on, and for some reason we can not see the effect for some reason. When we begin to study the advertising campaign deeper, we understand that most of the shows of our video go during the viewing of cartoons! But how is it?

The answer is simple: many people between the ages of 25 and 35 have children, and when young parents have breakfast at home, at a cafe, at a hotel, they put a tablet or mobile phone in front of their children and turn on cartoons for them to give children A few minutes for a quiet breakfast. Our mistake with you is that you had to exclude the topic “Animation” from the targeting. Despite the fact that the mobile device is used by adults, we need to exclude ad impressions when the device is in the hands of a child that does not fall into our targeting group.

Error 8: Geographic targeting is not tracked

In some cases, we have to launch advertising campaigns in several regions. Of course, it’s better to immediately segment advertising campaigns, but this is not always possible. In this case, it is necessary at least once a week to go into the report on Dimensions and study in detail the effectiveness of each advertising campaign by city. Thanks to this report, you can disable a significant number of inefficient regions or make adjustments to them depending on their effectiveness.

Error 9: Ad variations are not tested

In connection with a number of restrictions (brand book, lack of resources or ordinary laziness), advertisers create only one set of creatives for the GDN (Google Display Network), which is a mistake. After all, none of us know beforehand how much this or that creative will appeal to users. Of course, we can use different methods to determine the degree of visibility and attractiveness of the creative before launching it, but these methods are more suitable for outdoor advertising and pos-materials, but not for Internet marketing.

The more different creatives you make, the more successful your advertising campaign will be, because in its early stages you will be able to disable creatives with low CTR, and then re-optimize, but based on the behavioral characteristics and the final KPIs set before the advertising Campaign.

Error 10: Auto-tagging and offline conversion disabled

Recently, Google AdWords introduced a new product that allows you to upload offline conversions to your account. So now you can not only optimize your advertising campaigns based on data from Google Analytics, but also start downloading real sales data to AdWords and even information about phone calls and sales on them. For this you do not need expensive co-tracking. All you need to do is include auto-tagging in your account, which is a required attribute if you create an AdWords-Analytics bundle,

– and start fixing on its side the value of the gclid tag. Also, you need to install a small script on the site, which will output an arbitrary set of numbers under the phone number. At the time of the phone call, the operator asks for this set of numbers from the caller, inserts them into the CRM, which leads to the matching of the transaction executed by phone with the glid value, which can be uploaded to AdWords and get all the necessary information for further optimization.

Each of these errors – a hole in which the money flowed advertising budget. Check if there are any holes in your ad campaign. And, if there is, hopefully, the material will help them quickly patch.


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