Comparison of Keywords with the Stages of Customer Journey

Keyword analysis often causes difficulties for specialists, but this can be corrected. SiteActive translated the column CEO of the Marketing Mojo Agency Janet Driscoll Miller where she shares tips on finding keywords, comparing them with the desired content and analyzing their effectiveness.

When it comes to organic search, keywords form the basis of the whole …Read More

Performance-optimization: How to Combine Paid Strategies, Manual Labor and Automation systems

What to focus on when optimizing online advertising, and what tools are good for this: together and separately.

The number of clicks and CTRs are the most obvious and the most accurate metrics. However, they are far from the most reliable for evaluating the effectiveness of ads. It is much more important to know how many …Read More

The bounce rate of the site in simple words

The bounce rate is expressed as a percentage that is calculated based on user visits and the site’s compliance with their expectations. SEO-optimizers, Internet marketers, site developers, experts in contextual advertising are oriented to it. Let’s talk more about it in the article below. Also view, 105 ways to collect email addresses for email marketing
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