How to create Snippets that match Business Objectives

Remember the early 2000’s, when there was a real boom in business cards? Large brands obligatory ordered thousands of cards for employees, beginning businessmen together with creative agencies created masterpieces on a scrap of paper, and every self-respecting caretaker always had at least 10 business cards. Now it is nothing more than waste paper, and …Read More

How to use push notifications to increase engagement

Push notifications :Last year, using the Internet from mobile devices for the first time outperformed PC performance. If you do not consider mobile users in your marketing strategy, you miss great opportunities.

Using the Internet from mobile devices confidently begins to prevail in our culture. 50% of mobile users check their smartphones immediately after waking up, …Read More

Pre-holiday advertising campaigns: how to properly track using UTM tags

The holidays are coming, the mood is, of course, “New Year’s”, there are so many beautiful things around: puddles, mud, fog [D] “class =” wp-smiley “/> At least in Nainital¬†And if you do not, and the snow lies, you are very lucky!

And I’ll just leave it here, and suddenly.

Nevertheless, the calendar quickly replaces day after …Read More