How to Bypass surveys to download files ?

By | June 8, 2017

Online surveys  is one of the biggest problem most of us faced while using the Internet. It is not only annoying but it also consume a lot of time that sometime forced us to leave our email ID and phone number which later on spam our inbox.

Now question is How to Bypass surveys to download files ? Right ?

We knows even faced saw many time that some websites owner put these online surveys on their websites and leave no room for reader then what ? Reader enter their email ID or Phone number. Websites owner always place survey for earning purpose in different way so that you leave your email id which they can either use to sell product to you or sell your email ID to companies.

Guys Don’t worry about online survey anymore because we are going to share amazing trick to bypass survey so that you can download your file. You can’t only bypass survey but also download or access your desired websites.

We are sharing complete guide on How to Bypass survey to download files. After following this, You will be able to access website by skipping online surveys on android .

Before heading to steps, we wanna tell you that there is only few steps which is working fine to bypass online surveys.

Here you Go 🙂

How to Bypass Surveys to download files?

You know that how much online survey annoying is ? It kind of headache when it start sucking your time and let you move nowhere. That is reason we found some amazing trick which you can use to bypass survey.

And We know what you want is get rid of online survey. So Try this tricks to bypass online surveys to download your file. This tricks are working since long time that is why we are only sharing whatever tricks is working or will be working for long.

1. Survey Remover Sites:

Surveybypass is one of the best tools to bypass surveys from any website and then you can access that websites. This is very easy to use tool for everyone who want to remove online survey from website they are visiting. Survey bypass tool is also one of the trusted tool for removing online survey which help skipping survey from website.

welcome to Bypass surveys

What You need to do is Paste the URL link in the URL search box of the like We did below.

Update : I missed steps to remove any online survey using tool so here are steps which you can follow to bypass online survey.

#Step 1 : Open websites.

#Step 2 : Copy the URL link of the website having online survey from the top of the browser window.

#Step 3 : Head to the URL search box of the Homepage and paste the copied URL link.

#Step 4 : Click on ” Go ” button. Now you can access your desired website without getting to survey.

Shout-out : There are more website which helps removing online survey is given below. You can visit any of these websites for skipping surveys. Check out

And, Yes 🙂 You won’t need further steps for using other websites to bypass survey because all of these are easy to use and has same steps to follow.

2. Extension for survey bypass online:

There are some browser extension which help remove online survey by disabling it. These are only extension available for Chrome and Firefox users. You don’t need to do anything else just go to extension option of any of above browser and install same.

We are providing Extension for survey bypass onlineso that you can install it directly.



3. Survey Bypass Tool:

Not only websites but You can also use some online survey remover tool which you can try to bypass the online survey. You only need to download software from given link and then enter the URL link of the desired website which you want to access. Sometime it is not possible to bypass online surveys to download file from websites so its where Survey bypass tool come into use.

So, We have found a Survey bypass tool named Sharecash Survey Killer . You need to download sharecash survey killer tool to remove online survey from downloading websites.

4. Bypass surveys on android :

Most of you are android user so use internet moslty on Mobile. You might face survey issue on your android phone but there is also a solution to bypass survey even on android by installing or enabling adblocker.

Just Go to Your browser setting and enable ad-blocker.

5. Bypass surveys by disabling javascript:

Java script for chrome to bypass survey

This is the last way to remove survey and is also available as option in your browser. You can disable javascript by going into your browser setting.

Steps to Disable JavaScript in Firefox:

  1. Open your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on Options.
  3. Click on Content tab.
  4. Mark check in ” Block pop-up windows “
  5. And You are done.

Steps to Disable JavaScript in in Chrome :

  1. Click on settings option.
  2. Click on Show advanced settings.
  3. Click on Content settings.
  4. Select ” Do not allow any site to use javascript “.

So, Guys These are way to online surveys remover on any downloading websites. You can try any of above. If in case face any problem then comment down. We will try to solve your query so that you can remove survey.

That’s it! Now that you know how to bypass surveys to download files , you can simply remove those annoying online surveys within few steps. Next time, while you are onto downloading your stuff and suddenly any boring stuff shows up asking your opinion, let them know that “You don’t give a damn.”

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