Bhuvan Bam Wikipedia, Bio & First Youtube Video

By | June 10, 2017

Bhuvan Bam Wikipedia, Bio & First Youtube Video: Bhuvan Bam is a new name in Youtubers community getting supports and views from his supports and fans on his Youtube channel BB ki Vines. Not only he is getting huge number of views from viewers even almost every videos of his gettings millions hits on very first day of release.

Bhuvan Bam Wiki, Bio & First Youtube Video

Bhuvan Bam’s BB ki Vines is another YouTube community which is getting viral and growing rapidly. Creator of BB ki Vines, Bhuvan Bam is musician by profession and also great comedian which he includes in his each video making BB ki Vines more popular.

Watch this awesome Video ” Badass Santa” which he uploaded recently

Bhuvan Bam Wikipedia : He has ” Bringing smiles on Every Face ” as goal behind BB ki Vines. He is from Delhi so did his study there. while studying he used to entertain people with his comedies and also made some videos which was apperciated by many.

Watch ” Papa Maakichu ” and have fun

Interesting part of Bhuvan Bam wiki is that along with his fans, his family is also supporting him for his BB ki Vines.

Lets know what he was before launching of BB ki Vines ?

Bhuvan Bam Wiki

He is musician by profession but he began his career as singing in the bars at New Delhi. As he is musician so he write, compose and sing song which he made himself. Like us he is also fan of Raftaar and some other singers.

You might heard of many accidents but BB ki vines which you watch for entertainment is also a Youtube channel created by Bhuvan Bam accidently.

Bhuvan Bam Wikipedia

Most watched Video – “Papa Makichu”

Social networking platform – Facebook,Twitter,Instagram

Hair Colour- Brown

Eye Colour- Black

Height – 5’8

Weight – 66 Kg Approx

School – Green Fields School

College – Shaheed Bhagat SIngh College

Nationality – Indian

Hometown – New Delhi

Youtube Channel:-BB Ki Vines

Net worth | Earning – 10 Lakhs Per Month

Nickname – BB or Bam

Profession – Music composer | Singer | live performer | Comedian.

Age –January 21,1994 (22 Years)

Bhuvan Bam contact –

As he quite popular so is invited by many authorities for stage shows. He keep doing stage shows in various fests. He is also contributing to other youtube channels of Youtubers.

Want to know first Youtube Video of BB ki Vines which Bhuvan bam released ?

Bhuvan Bam Wikipedia : First Youtube Video

Yes, He started with ” The Chakhna Issue”  which got few views but he didn’t give and kept going on with way of presenting himself in different characters. If You watch BB ki Vines then You might have noticed his style of working by adding comedy.

Watch Valentine’s Week Hutiyapa :

Now The Chakhna Issue has 19595 views and is increasing.

Bhuvan Bam Wikipedia : Earning

Bhuvan Bam Wikipedia Income Source : Not only he is entertaining but also making money with his Youtube channel BB ki Vines. There were many buzz about Bhuvan bam earnings, income and net worth.

Seriously, People looks for earning of Bhuvan Bam, I must say let it be buzz as only Bhuvan can tell us what is his income from BB ki vines.

So these was  Bhuvan Bam Wiki Information around the web about Bhuvan Bam’s Youtuber channel BB ki Vines.

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