No matter which business owner you are, email marketing is one of the most effective channels for increasing your sales and income. According to Email Expert, here the return for each dollar invested is $ 44.25.


People who receive email alerts about promotions can afford to spend 130% more on purchases than those who purchase goods in a traditional way.

Most likely, you are already in the know and have long been using the advantages of using mail distribution services to increase the profit from your sales, as well as creating trustful relationships with customers.

If one day you did not see the desired picture, then, most likely, something clearly went wrong. So, 7 common misconceptions when preparing an email campaign.

1. “The subject of the letter – does not affect the result”

Only one cool design and “tasty” stock will not be able to ensure the success of the campaign. The first thing that the recipient sees is a topic, so do not underestimate its importance. Did you know that with a carefully thought-out title you can increase the open rate by 203% ?!

Catch a few basic tips to create explosive topics:

  • Use a maximum of 7 words
  • Enter the known name of the sender
  • Do not add recipient’s name to the subject

Mistakes are made by all, the main thing is to be able to get out beautifully from the situation, as it was done in Deagoshop.

The subject of the letter can provide both success and failure of your campaign. More useful information on the subject can be found in the article.

Important: in order not to interfere with subjects in the future, conduct A / B testing.

2. “Do not regularly spend time segmenting the list of email-lists”

Previously, you could not bother and send all subscribers the same letters. But the requests of the readers are constantly growing, and today, having turned this scheme, you will not see the former response. To get the maximum clickability and discovery rates, you need to regularly adapt messages according to the interests of your potential customers.

To realize all this is possible with the help of deep segmentation. But only a few marketers comply with this condition. The majority of the same time segment the lists, believe that this is enough for further mailings.

42% of marketers ignore the interests of individual clients in the mailing list, and only 4% correctly conduct segmentation

If you want to make your letters more memorable and useful for readers, segment the address database regularly.

3. “Is the value of information in the letter so important?”

Let’s face it – even an e-mailed email will give a high result if the offer is really interesting to the reader. Of course, the design of the letter and its careful preparation are a weighty factor, but the value of the offer is precisely what motivates a person to act.

Let’s look at the letter from the jeweler online store BlueNile:


The design of the mailing is simple and straightforward, concise design and image focus on the text itself. The main thing is to interest the reader, with which the letter creator coped perfectly: 15% discount on the day of all lovers, what is not a gift?

4. “To start a project it’s enough to define goals by eye”

Setting the goal – an indispensable element in the preparation of an advertising campaign. After seeing hundreds of mailings, we noticed that marketers often can not distinguish the main goal and clearly formulate a “call to action” (CTA).

Many companies indicate several CTAs in the body of the letter, which in turn confuses the client. The result – with all the wealth of opportunities provided, the minimum conversion rates.

Remember that the rule “the more, the better” does not always work. And this is exactly the case. In fact, one specific call to action gives more vivid results: click rate grows by 371%, and sales reach a 1617% increase.

5. “The longer – the better”

Kilometer letters – the last century, such mailings have a lower involvement. But marketers for some reason continue to send information in this format.

Most people check mail on phones, the screen of which is not particularly designed to read huge texts. The logic is simple: the longer the letter, the less it is read. Surprisingly, readers prefer short, simple and purposeful texts.

It will be good if your email address is

  • Visually attractive
  • Interesting
  • Useful
  • Entertaining

6. “The dispatch of letters does not affect the result”

It’s not so easy to choose the best time to start a newsletter, as it might seem at first glance. The first thing you risk is the open rate.

In order to choose the best time for mailing lists, the online store of unique gifts Grommet conducted A / B testing. As a result: the change in the time from noon to 10.00 am gave + 14% to the income from the email campaign.

It’s interesting to find out more about rush hour in email marketing? To you here.

7. “Sell at any cost”

People do not like when they are sold, they like to buy. This is the postulate of the buyer’s psychology, the basis of which must be taken into account in the preparation of any campaign. Remember yourself in a situation where you are the tenth way around the obsessive consultant. Here the same principle works. Just help a person follow their preferences.


The moral of this fable is as follows

Do not use email-only services to promote products. Look wider: this is a great opportunity to switch to “you” in communication with your subscribers. Interest them with useful information, train, awaken curiosity, and they will not only open, but also wait for your mailings. No matter what type of news you offer, do it so that the reader will feel the intellectual satisfaction after watching them.

Remember: the goal of email is not always to sell. While your mailings are of value to the client – they will bring results.

After reading all the errors, it’s time to check your marketing plan.

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