The text in the blog was written and, apparently, it’s done, you can celebrate.

It was not like that!

After writing the post, there are still many important points that need to be made for the post to be read, commented on and forwarded to friends.

With practice, I developed a checklist, which I do after the main text is written. I share with you my list, I will be happy if you comment on what comes into your routine.


  • Prescribe multiple headings options. I usually come up with 5 to 10 headline options.
  • Check the lead, the very first paragraph from which the text begins. How much he is attractive and calls to read further.
  • Check the structure of the text. Break too long paragraphs into shorter paragraphs.
  • If there are items in the text, check that there are no tautologies there and all the items are written “with one denominator”. For example, in the post about saving board number 1 “Define the budget”, then council number 2 can not be “Online shopping”.
  • Highlight important thoughts in bold and check if the main idea of ​​the text is caught, if you read only the selected text.
  • Check the text for spelling mistakes. I check for errors with the help of the Orthogram service (the service has now become paid, but 100 rubles for 50 checks is ridiculous money).
Image result for orthogram spell check
Checking the post with the help of Orthogram
  • Check the text for verbal garbage Sometimes I check using Glavred service, To clear the text of unnecessary introductory words and unnecessary constructions.
  • Add links to other sites and your texts. Verify that external links open in a separate window.


  • Edit images (I usually process my photos on the phone using PicTapGo and Snapseed).
  • Make a collage of vertical pictures (two vertical photos side by side). I make collages using the online photo processing services Picmonkey and Canva.
Creating a collage with the help of the Canva service: select a collage template, upload your pictures, place them in a template and download them using the Download button.
  • Prepare a vertical picture and add a header to it (I use Picmonkey for this).
  • Name pictures for better search engine optimization (translitom-kliuchevye-slova-kartinki.jpg). More about this I wrote in the post on how to call the pictures correctly.
  • Define alt and title attributes for images. About how this is done, I wrote separately.
  • Sign the author of photos, if the authorship of the images is not mine, and give a link to the site or page of the photographer in social networks.


  • View key search words in yandex wordstat and adjust the title and text based on what users are looking for in search engines. I do this after the post is written, otherwise it hinders me from concentrating on writing a good text. More about this, we talked about the Blog Brunch “SEO without a beard. Search engine optimization for girls from a girl. “
  • Add keywords for better optimization. On different platforms it looks different. For WordPress there is an excellent free plugin Yoast SEO, which step by step helps you to optimize the text for search engines. Another plus to the WordPress fake!
Changing the snippet using the Yoast SEO plugin Instead of starting the text of the post – a short text with the main ideas, the post that will be displayed in the search engines.
  • To formulate the text for the snippet, which is shown in search engines and social networks, upload a thumbnail that will be displayed in a snippet in social networks.For this I use the same Yoast SEO plugin.
Change Facebook snippet using the Yoast SEO plug-in. Select the social networks tab and select the desired image from the library.


  • Newsletter. I send the announcement of the post on the electronic base of all those who are subscribed to the newsletter. As a rule, I come up with the text of a mailing list separately, something that I do not tell in the post itself, or in social networks and at the end I give a link to the post.

  • Facebook. I place an announcement on the business page of the blog. If it is a column post, to which it is important for me to attract a maximum of readers, then I press the Boost button (I promote the post for 100-200 rubles). Immediately make a repost on my personal page (I often rewrite the announcement, I add more information from myself).
  • In the contact. I copy the announcement from Facebook, add a header horizontal photo and a short link to the post. I make a repost on my personal page.
  • Instagram. I change the link in the profile to the link to the post. You can shorten the link with the help of the service, which will also help to track how many people clicked on the link to the post, although now the referral statistics can be viewed in the instagram itself if you have a business account. Post a picture of the post and write a short announcement or just mention a new post under the next photo.
  • Hello, Blogger. I place the text in the aggregator (I upload a vertical picture with a title) + the announcement of the text. I propose post a news in public on Contact. Instructions on how to promote posts with the help of Hello, Blogger.
  • Twitter. At me this network goes on a residual principle. There I’ll post a horizontal photo, a post title and a short link. Or quite simply, I do retweet from the page of the post (I click on the tweet button).
  • Google +. I press the share button in G + under the post and copy the text of the announcement from Facebook. Separately, I make a post on the business page of the blog on Google+ (yes, there is such).
  • Pinterest. If the post is with pictures, then I make an outpost in Pinterest. Sometimes I load a vertical picture from the computer with the title of the post and then in the editing format and add a link to the post.
  • Thematic communities. Sometimes I promote the post in other communities, where the topic can be relevant. For example, the post about how to store memories is announced in the community ru_scrapbooking in LJ.

Well, finally, I start to update the statistics every minute and whisper the mantra “statistics to grow.”

These are the moments that I definitely do when publishing my posts. If something is not clear from my list, write, I’ll tell you in more detail. And share in the comments, was there something new for you and what do you do after the text is written.

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