Storytelling has always been an important part of successful marketing.

The stories help us establish links with consumers and create our own unique image. But can you tell a story in social networks? After all, posts should be short and attract attention.

In fact, there are many ways to use social networks for storytelling. In today’s article, we will tell you about 20 proven and effective techniques. Ready? Then let’s begin!


1. Publish a long post with a story

National Public Radio studied more than 3,000 of their Facebook posts with links and found that short records (less than 120 characters) have a higher clickthrough rate than long posts (over 280 characters). But not everything is so obvious.

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6. Tell the story in the signature

Quality images are very important for Instagram, but do not forget about the signature. Tell her a fascinating story in order to complete the photo.

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11. Publish a few tweets

Can not fit your story into cancers of 140 characters? Use more tweets.

Tweetstorm is the practice of publishing a series of tweets for a story related story. To start or finish such posts is better by figure, to emphasize their consistency.

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Snapchat, YouTube and others

17. Create an actual geofilter

If your audience is active in Snapchat, creating a geofilter can be the best way to extend coverage.

Entrepreneur Chris Hall was able to get a rate of $ 0.001 per thousand impressions for his filter in Snapchat and generated more than 10.5 million hits in just 7 hours.

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