Have you ever come across an advertisement that was very relevant to you by scrolling your news feed on Facebook?

It was like the advertiser was somehow able to read your mind.

Perhaps you were planning a vacation, and suddenly you see the guide Lonely Planet. Or maybe you are in a relationship at a distance, and suddenly you find an advertisement for a florist doing shipping all over the world.

For example, if one night a user read about Osaka in Japan … the following may appear on his Facebook wall in the morning:

It’s amazing, is not it?

Actually not at all. Facebook knows a lot about us (even what sites we visit), it uses this information to allow advertisers to target their ads to specific groups of people.

So, a florist can address his ads to those people who are in a relationship at a distance.

As an advertiser, you can identify and attract the target audience if you know which targeting parameters to use.

In this article, we’ll talk about 20 interesting targeting opportunities and throw in a couple of fresh ideas for your next campaign.

Important Note

Facebook does not allow you to mention that you know the names of users, their age, religion or race. Although you all know this.

The site is not interested in users remembering once again that the social network collects and uses information about them.

Be sure to read the policy of using Facebook data. Follow all conditions and rules.

Breaking them can block your account on Facebook. Therefore, please be careful when using specific ideas for targeting described in this article.

1. People living with their neighbors

Facebook estimated that there are more than 323 million people living together in the United States of America who are not family members. This opens up huge opportunities for certain business areas!

For example, you are a real estate agent. You can target people living with neighbors and create ads for those who are unhappy with this situation.

Or, say, you are selling headphones, tell this group of users that music can distract them from neighbors and immerse them in a state of relaxation at any time of the day or night.

Think about the pain points of users, and then create personalized ads.

2. Newly-made parents with a small child

Young parents have many specific needs needs. Babysitting, children’s clothing at retail, clubs for moms, baby accessories and yoga trainers after childbirth are just some of the options.

Jamie Dunham Brand Wise claims that about 73% of moms are confident that advertisers do not understand them or their needs.

It is important to realize that parents primarily want to improve the lives of their children. And not only at the present moment, but also in the future.

Create advertising, laying in the basis of the thoughts of parents. Think about how you can improve the life of the child, improve the life of parents and improve the world. Show how you can save your parents time and help them fulfill their responsibilities.

You may not be able to combine all of this in one advertisement, but even if you can only answer one of these requests, the campaign will be successful.

3. Parents with preschool children / children of primary school age

Children grow, do not overlook the possibility of school marketing. Now you can interact with parents of preschoolers or children of early school age on facebook. Suppose that you offer babysitting services or conduct activities for children – contact your parents and report your services.

There are a lot of options. Again, it is important to identify the pain point of this category of customers and show how you can solve the problem with the help of your product.


Advertising on Facebook The Walt Disney World offers an interesting and relevant content for parents. PLAE on Facebook is intended for children between the ages of 2 and 9.

AskmeBazaar Toy and Lost My Name, intended for parents (or grandparents) with young children (or grandchildren).

4. People born in a particular month

Facebook allows you to target people by birth month, which is an extremely effective strategy. You can easily make a promotion for a birthday, and then refer to people according to their birth month.

For example, Cloud Income’s advertising campaign on Facebook, where Lewis Ogden used TeeSpring to create T-shirts for his birthday and earned $ 400 per week on this.

Modify this idea, use the month of birth targeting. Do something creative, for example, products with zodiac signs. This is just one example of how this type of targeting can be used.

5. Friends’ Birthdays

When you remember that your friend’s birthday is coming soon, what are you doing? Think about what you can give him.

The fast pace of our life often prevents us from taking care of gifts to loved ones.

Make the life of your customers easier, focusing on the birthdays of your friends. Your advertisement might look something like this:

Birthday parties will be surprised when they see a gift at the door before you.

You have an interesting solution to the eternal problem with gifts, and the user does not even have to leave the house to do something nice for a loved one.

6. Anniversaries and anniversaries

If you consider fuss with birthdays too labor-intensive, remember at least anniversaries and anniversaries.

It’s really hard to choose a gift for a round date. But you can help by offering a specific service or product, or maybe combining them, depending on the situation.

Or do you aim at people who are soon anniversary and have children. In this case, you can create an advertisement that offers babysitting services for the night.

This is a great idea for targeting on Facebook. You can use any combination and bring it to people in an interesting and creative way.

7. Newlyweds

Newlyweds are an excellent category for marketers. At this time, couples are looking for companies that they could trust during their entire subsequent life together. Create special promotions for them.

At this time, people’s attitude shifts from “I” to “we”, and this should be taken into account in your marketing campaigns. You do not talk to a person. You’re talking to a couple.

It is important to understand how the newlyweds use Facebook. After the celebration, the newlyweds like pages related to weddings, relationships and love. After a couple of months everything changes, interest shifts to pages about cooking, repair and other household matters. How can you use it?

Newlyweds are interested in preserving love in marriage, saving money, harmony in the house and home comfort. Tie one of these topics to your advertisement.

8. Newly baked pairs

The recently married couples are also an excellent category for targeting. Jewelers, florists and wedding organizers can successfully create campaigns targeting them.

Think outside the box. So, if you manage a financial company, you can advertise the corresponding services to betrothed spouses who need financial planning before the wedding.

Tourist companies can apply to such couples in the hope of selling them a ticket. Tell us about the special offers for the honeymoon.

It is important to understand that many couples have a shortage of cash, so organize a special offer or a discount. In addition, they are in search of ideas, so consider the possibility of using advertising in your blog and fill it with detailed and useful information. You can use advertising to gather potential customers to further offer them something interesting.

9. People in relationships at a distance

In the US alone, more than 17.7 million people are in long-term relationships at a distance. This is a special category for companies selling products.

For example, you are a florist. You could create an advertisement that says

Do you miss anyone? A bouquet of flowers will remind you of your love …

This will provoke a person. Suddenly he will want to send flowers to his beloved. He will click on the advertisement and perform the targeted action.

Or create an advertisement about how you can help people communicate. You can also write about events in the corresponding region, so people who are at a distance from each other feel closer.

Connect creativity and find ways to make your products or services valuable to this audience.

10. Far from his native city

Facebook allows you to target people who are away from home.

People who are far from their hometowns are likely to be away from their families. It is important for them to find a way to show their family that they are very bored. An example of suitable advertising:

Remind your mother that you miss her – send her handmade chocolate.

Airlines can target these people with discounts on air tickets.

Let’s take a closer look at this category of people. Anyone who lives away from home often suffers from loneliness. A good spa procedure or movies can help a little fun.

11. For travelers

Travelers have specific needs. For example, car rental.

This group of people is quite easy to sell various entertainments.

Look at the relevant advertisement from Oyster:

You can create something like that. Thus, people will be able to do something interesting while they are on the road.

12. People who recently returned from the journey

Facebook allows you to target people who have just returned from a trip. You might think that this is a completely useless variant of targeting. Do not rush into conclusions, include fantasy.

In this situation, people are often a bit disappointed. Their lives are back on their own, people who have returned from traveling are depressed by the fact that nothing has changed in their usual domestic environment. How can you help them?

For example, people do not like to cook when they come home from a trip, so invite them to order food. Many in such a situation want to push back the reality and meet with the usual life. Create spa advertising and other similar procedures.

13. Business travelers

Business trips are an essential attribute of the business environment. You can make life of business people easier by offering them the right products and services. It is important to use the right language.

Think of all the things that business travelers need. Place advertising for the best offers of your hotel. Besides, advertising of suitcases, bags, etc. can become successful

Make sure your advertisement is directed to business travelers. Even a simple “Plan your next business trip?” Will make the campaign more effective.

14. Owners of small business

Currently, 35,983,019 small business owners use Facebook, and they have some very specific needs. You can advertise software tools, online marketing services, smm guides, web design services, accounting services and much more.

If you have something that small business owners need, use this targeting option.

Three painful points of small business owners that you can use when creating an advertisement:

First, they feel that everything is too expensive. If you can offer them discounts, it will be easier for you to find a common language with them.

Secondly, they are afraid of failure. It’s no secret that most startups fail. If your products or services can somehow be saved from failure or made less likely, your proposal will be of interest to this group.

Third, they think about how to balance work and personal life. They spend so much time at work that often their personal lives suffer. You can support them by offering your solution.

As an example – the advertising campaign OutboundEngine:

15. Foreign nationals

Currently, more than 10 million migrants live and work in Russia. These people have special needs and pain points.

You can sell them household goods and various services, for example, language courses. People often need the simplest things when they move to a new country.

16. Close friends or relatives of emigrants

When people move to another country, they leave their close friends and family. Now you can target these people using Facebook ads. Use this targeting option to promote gifts, flowers, services, and applications.

This option is similar to targeting people who are in a relationship at a distance, or those who no longer live in their native cities.

If you can suggest a way to overcome the distance, you will succeed with this targeting option.

17. People with 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection

The targeting options on Facebook have become so specific that you can even target people based on the type of link. This is an excellent opportunity for technology providers. For example, you can target those who have a 2G connection, and let them know that it’s time to upgrade. You can also target those who have Wi-Fi and offer them a new router or router.

Try to create your advertising around this concept. People often want something better than what they have, and if you can offer them, there is a good chance that they will respond to your proposal.

18. Baby boomers

There are several things that should be considered in advertising for baby boomers.

First, they have money, so you can make some sales, even if you have high-end products.

Secondly, they do not want to be reminded that they are growing up. They still want to have fun, so do not be afraid to sell them “toys”, such as, for example, motorcycles. However, this does not mean that they can not sell the products that every adult needs. You just need to present them accordingly.

Third, they are loyal to their favorite brands. If you have any new offers, you need to demonstrate good reasons for making a purchase. Tell them that you are running a company you can trust and that you are offering a better price.

19. Generation X

People born between 1961-1981 are in generation X. Representatives of generation X have some specific problems. Many of them take care of elderly parents, which enables advertisers to offer their services. You can have a product that will make their life easier and which is directly related to those they care about.

Generation X people also often have a steady income, which makes them an excellent target for travel agencies and real estate agents.

Finally, many of them have children. They are concerned about their education, so if you offer different courses, think about marketing for this generation.

It is important to note that people of generation X are prone to researching products before making a purchasing decision, so provide a lot of useful information in advertising. You can also give a link to your website where they can find additional information and feedback.

20. Gamers

Many people like to play online games. You can target frequently visited apps with games. This is an excellent option for game developers. You could write something like:

Love the sweet? Try the game X out

Advertising on Facebook, designed for gamers.

These are just a few examples for setting targeting on Facebook. Use several options to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns on this site.


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