Can you keep secrets? You do not need to be a Facebook guru to lead this social network.

There are many “secret” techniques that you can begin to apply today. Professionals use them constantly, so they are guaranteed to simplify the management of your page and increase the effectiveness of marketing on this site. At the same time, it’s quite easy to use them.

1. How to find old posts and evaluate their effectiveness

If you manage your Facebook page for years, you most likely published a LOT of content. It’s easy to forget what you already wrote about when, and how effective those or other records turned out to be. But it’s easy to fix!

In the “Tools for publication” section of the sidebar “Publications” tab there is a useful item – “Hosted publications”.

Thanks to the search, you can quickly sort posts by topic to assess their effectiveness. You can also select the most popular entries and update them for re-publication.

2. How to download video

Perhaps you did not know about this possibility before. Downloading the video will allow you to save interesting videos and publish them on your page, of course, without forgetting to add a link to the original.

Why is it convenient? Marketers are always more profitable to publish content, rather than share it. That’s why downloading videos is a secret tool to improve your efficiency.

3. How to use the secret emoji in the posts

It’s no secret that adding emoji makes your publications and campaigns more visible. But there are a few secret emoji that will help you to stand out truly!

You can add them by typing the following characters:

  • (y) = “like”
  • (^^^) = shark
  • : |] = the robot
  • <(“) = penguin

You can use them when answering comments, posts or campaign texts.

4. How to spy on competitors

The “Interesting Pages” section is a great way to keep track of the largest competitors.

Image result for competitor analysis facebook campaigns

You can find it at the bottom of the “Statistics” page. In this section, you will see how often your competitors publish new records, what they publish and who interacts with their posts.

5. How to create an audience for retargeting

Facebook Pixel is an audience creation function that allows you to create a customizable circle of users from visitors to your site, track conversions and effectively optimize your ads. It is quite easy to configure it.


  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Select “Resources”
  3. Click on the “Pixels”
  4. Copy the code and paste it between the headings tags of your site or use a special tool, for example Google Tag Manager.
  5. Create an audience from site visitors and start a retargeting campaign.

6. How to put a “like” page from the brand

The ability to put a “like” page or leave a comment on behalf of your brand is very important to support companies from your niche, as well as to communicate with them and your subscribers. Here’s how to do it:

Go to the page that you want to put “like”, click on the “more” icon, then choose which person you want to put on the face of the page.

7. How to keep the article for the future

This is an excellent tool for content management. You can save any post you like “for later”. All bookmarks will be displayed on a separate page, which is very convenient. Thanks to this useful function, creating a content marketing plan will be much easier.

Just click on the down arrow on the post and select “Save link / video”. You can view the bookmarks at any time in the “Saved” section.

8. How to embed public content

Want to embed an interesting video or other content directly on the site? You can do this, as with other sites, using code.

9. How to change the page template in Facebook

There are many opportunities to optimize the Facebook page, which will allow you to highlight the most important of its elements.

The most radical approach is to change the page template.

You can also add and delete tabs, and change their order.

Changes will allow you to attract more subscribers and customers.

10. How to make sure that users from all over the world can read your posts

If you work in the international market, this option will be useful to you. It is not possible to publish entries in all the native languages ​​of your readers, but you can enable automatic translation in the settings of the page.

11. How to see which people and pages have “licked” your page

Another useful marketing function for Facebook is to see which people and pages have “liked” your page. You can check this by going to the page settings and selecting “People and Other Pages.”

Subscriber analysis will help identify “fake” accounts or brands that you can collaborate with. You can send them private messages, thank for the subscription and maximize personalization of the experience of communication.

12. How to access all the live video in the world

This marketing function will allow you to watch Facebook live around the world in real time. It is available, however, only on a PC.

Just follow the link and zoom out to see all the current live broadcasts of the world.

13. How to attach posts

Fastening posts at the top of the page will allow you to make sure that your most important marketing messages or posts are the first thing that potential subscribers or buyers see when they visit your Facebook page.

This is an excellent option for temporary shares and important information. You can also attach the most effective publications to attract more traffic. Do not forget to update these records at least once a month.

14. Where to find useful tips from Facebook

Want to get useful tips from Facebook? Then the Tips for the pages is what you need. You can find them right on the right under the button.

You will be offered several tips based on an analysis of your page that will help optimize your efforts and increase their effectiveness.

15. How to increase the audience by using engagement

When you launch a campaign on Facebook and get good engagement rates (many likes, comments and reposts), it’s always nice. But from these results, you can benefit even more – to turn involvement into new subscribers who will really be interested in your brand.

Here’s how to do it:

Go to the progress results and click on the number of reactions.

You will be taken to the tab with the list of people who reacted to your entry. If the user has not yet subscribed to your updates, you can send him an invitation by clicking on the “Invite.”

Please note, if a person is on the list of your personal friends, he will receive an invitation on your behalf. In all other cases – on behalf of the brand.

16. How to set up automatic replies

In the settings section of the page, go to the “Messaging” tab to configure automatic responses. An answer assistant will help you answer queries even when you are not online. It can also be integrated with your email platform.

Of course, Facebook still has many useful features that you might not know about. But using only the above methods will greatly simplify your life, help save time and increase marketing efficiency.


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