The first step in email marketing involves collecting email addresses of people who may be interested in your offer. After all, without a mailing list, you can not start a single campaign.

At first this task may seem too complicated. But do not concentrate only on e-mail. There are many other channels through which you can establish contact with consumers.

How to create a list of email addresses for mailing? After you collect enough information, what to do next? How often should I send email messages? How to ensure the delivery of e-mails bypassing the spam folder?

To answer all these questions, and also compose a large and high-quality list for mailing, the following 105 techniques and tactics will help you.

1. General advice


  • Use only the addresses that you received with the permission of the users. Buying a mailing list is a bad idea, it will provide you with a high risk of complaints, refusals and unsubscribes.
  • Experiment with new methods and get the most out of the most effective ones.
  • Methods that work for others may not work for you.
  • Once there are enough addresses in the list, segment the audience to increase efficiency.
  • Do not insist, if you offer value, loyalty will not keep you waiting.
  • Consider the use of automation tools.

2. Configure the opt-in form

  • Simplify the subscription process by inviting users to enter only the email address.
  • Describe the content of the mailing and the frequency of sending messages.
  • Add testimonials from content recipients.
  • Mention the number of subscribers, if significant.
  • Make an exclusive offer to subscribers.
  • Offer subscribers something of value for free.

3. Optimize existing addresses


  • Extract addresses from transactional business communications.
  • Share addresses with companies offering related products and services (with the permission of subscribers).
  • Add a subscription link to all private messages.
  • Add “send to a friend” link in all messages.

4. Use your site as a portal

  • Promote the distribution on social networks, on the website and in the blog.
  • Create a separate landing page for mailing.
  • Place a form on the blog home page for capturing email addresses.
  • Use the Leadboxes website from Leadpages.
  • Analyze the heat map and determine the most suitable place for opt-in form.
  • Test the location of the CTA button, try 404 pages, sidebars, headers, footers, pop-up messages, messages appearing when scrolling through the page, or floating messages.
  • Ask blog commentators to share their addresses.
  • Suggest that you fill out the opt-in form for everyone who comments on the blog.
  • Exchange opt-in links with other newsletters.
  • Include opt-in in forums that potential customers can visit.
  • Buy ads on websites that your customers often visit.
  • Offer subscribers a free download of the application.
  • Offer subscribers a free e-book or a guide.
  • Include a subscription request on the blog.
  • Publish limited content on the site, offer full version to subscribers.
  • Launch a competition in which participants will be invited to sign friends.
  • Use the special tools (for example, SumoMe List Builder) to display the opt-in form for visitors about to leave your site.
  • Use the special tools (for example, SumoMe Scroll Box) to show the opt-in form to visitors who scroll down the page.
  • With services similar to Qualaroo, you can ask a question about subscription.
  • Create the most visible confirmation page, which once again lists all the benefits of the subscription.

5. Promote subscription in social networks


  • Paste the opt-in link to the video on YouTube.
  • In Pinterest, get subscribers using pins that link to a subscription form.
  • Add opt-in forms to your profiles in social networks.
  • Send a message with an invitation to those who mention your business in social networks.
  • Publish opt-in forms on the company’s LinkedIn page and in the discussion section.
  • Create attractive images and offer to subscribe to the newsletter in Instagram.
  • Organize the rally and ask participants to share electronic addresses.
  • Organize the contest and for participation, ask users to share electronic addresses.
  • Launch advertising on Facebook, dedicated to mailing.
  • Create a test poll (for example, using the Woobox tool) associated with your brand, where the participants share their results in social networks and leave their email addresses to you.
  • The Binkd tool will collect the addresses of the participants who tweet about your brand in exchange for participating in the contest.

6. Collect addresses from visitors


  • Type opt-in information on checks.
  • Collect business cards or e-mail addresses and conduct prizes.
  • Place subscription information in visible places.
  • Add a QR code for quick subscription via smartphone.
  • Ask all calling customers if they are subscribed to the newsletter.
  • Use a special bulletin board for email addresses.
  • Ask customers to leave email addresses when they sign checks or papers.
  • Include an offer to subscribe to baskets and shopping carts for purchases.
  • Collect addresses during events.
  • Offer customers a discount or free products for an email address.
  • Collect email addresses of customers who came to you from sites with coupons.

7. Do not forget the paper mail

  • Send postcards with the offer to subscribe.
  • Add proposal to subscribe to accounts.
  • Invest subscription information for each order.

8. Other features


  • Write down addresses during business events.
  • Add information about the subscription to business cards.
  • Bring forms to subscribe to events.
  • Send SMS messages to customers with an offer to subscribe.
  • Place advertisements in local publishers that your audience is reading.
  • Collect addresses while participating in exhibitions and festivals.
  • Organize the anniversary celebration of the subscribers’ club to attract new customers.
  • Pay employees for collecting quality email addresses.
  • Offer a discount to customers who will share their friends’ addresses with you.
  • Organize the shares for which you want to be a subscriber.
  • Offer free advice in exchange for e-mail addresses.
  • Collect the addresses of those who mention your business.
  • Justuno can automatically offer coupon code to subscribers.
  • Organize the WordPress community for business and offer a subscription.
  • helps you find out what tools competitors use to create lists.

9. Strengthen your authority


  • Create a competitive email marketing plan for the year.
  • Use tools for personalization.
  • Create creative, simple and motivating topics for letters.
  • Stick to the tone that your audience likes.
  • Create short and informative messages.
  • Make sure that recipients do not want to miss any of your messages.
  • Use a variety of messages with useful information.
  • Inform customers about the latest important news.
  • Tell the recipients how to extract the most from your product.
  • Share your success with subscribers.
  • Re-use popular articles, videos and marketing messages in email messages.
  • Add only attractive, optimized and quality images.
  • Use humor if possible.
  • Dedicate letters to holidays or special events.
  • Cover events related to your business.
  • Add an attractive CTA in the form of a link or button.
  • Suggest an attractive design.
  • Optimize all messages for mobile devices
  • Watch out for the rumors of competitors.
  • Study the trends of the industry and apply them in work.
  • Do not offer valuable content without a subscription.
  • Attract the attention of the recipients with the help of video.
  • Tell users what to expect from the next message.

10. Increase efficiency


  • Regularly conduct A / B testing to determine audience preferences.
  • Surveys among subscribers.
  • Measure conversion rates, bounce rates, discoveries and notes, compare them with industry average values.
  • Review the list regularly, removing subscribers who have not interacted with your company for a long time.
  • In each message, add a link for easy unsubscription.
  • Listen to customer reviews and make the necessary changes.

There are a lot of ways to collect a quality list of email addresses for mailing. The main thing to start! Use these ideas for your inspiration.


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